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The state dataset contains every row of data for the specific state from monthly updates from the National Plan & Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), a division of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), an agency of the US federal government. The data was reported by the providers themselves while obtaining the National Provider Identifier (NPI) or updating the NPI records. This dataset contains the providers’ data of the specific state NPI records of physicians, nurses, dentists, vision providers, organization and all other types. The new adds, updates and deletes of data are coming out almost every months.

To download and view the sample data layout, click Sample Data.

One Time Download:

This allows you to download the data once. To order and download complete US Provider individual state data files, Click the "Purchase" link below.

Product Name Products Price Purchase Link
NPPES State Provider Data - For Each State $50.00 Click Here to Purchase

Data Delivery:

The data will be available in zip file format as soon as the payment is made. You will find it in the "Available for Downloads" section when you login to the site. For other special delivery requests, please contact us. List of files those come in each zip file are below:
1. Normalized provider data - 5 files
2. Read me file - 1 file
3. Provider data exceptions file - 1 file
4. Provider data files data lay out -1 file
5. NPPES Data Dissemination Code Values - 1 file
6. NPPES Data Dissemination Read me - 1 file
7. NPPES FOIA Data Elements - 1 file

Data Structure / Layout:

For Detailed Provider Data Structure (Model) of Statewise data, Click your Mouse Over the boxes below and use tab, up and down arrow keys:

1. Primary Key and Composite Key columns are high lighted in blue color font in diagram/data layout below.
2. Each record in NPI file (npis.csv) will either have a record in Person Names file (personnames.csv) or in Organization Names file (orgnames.csv).
3. One provider record can have upto 15 records in Taxonomies file (taxonomies.csv). Each record will be identified with sequence number from 1 to 15. The combination of NPI number and     Sequence number is always unique.
4. One provider record can have upto 50 records in Other IDs file (otherids.csv). Each record will be identified with sequence number from 1 to 50.The combination of NPI number and Sequence     number is always unique.

Customized Requirements and Support:

If you have any customized data lay-out requirements, our technical team can accommodate and respond it very quickly. Please contact us with more details. We provide email support to our customers. Please use our contact us page. We will respond your question in one business day.