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NPI Data Services releases the data updates on regular basis. Also, it releases product updates to fix bugs and to make minor and major software enhancements. These updates and upgrades can result new module, features, enhanced productivity and optimal system performance.


When the data is refreshed every month, our customers will be notified through a courtesy email if requested.

Products and Services:

The new updates and upgrades of the products and services will be free with your existing license or access. When there is a new version available, NPI Data Services will send out a courtesy email notification to the existing customers.

When the webservices are customized and enhanced with additional functionalities, the current users of the webservices will be notified with details and given at least 4 weeks notice period to make any changes at customer end if there are. The Web Service users will also be notified at least one week prior to the deployment, one day prior to the deployment and after the deployment.